jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

How do bloggers write?

Punk, why do you come back?

This year in the M.E.T. gala was all about Punk: Chaos to Couture. People could see the different creations by designers such as: Dolca&Gabbana, Givenchy, Balmain, Rodarte, Moschino, Eddie Bordo, and of course the queen of Punk, Vivienne Westwood, among others. “We are delighted to offer women the opportunity to capture the spirit of punk with clothing that combine fashion and rebellion”. This year on the catwalks there has been a trip through the time and the public had traveled to the 70’s. A lot of designers started using black leather as one of their main fabrics to combine it, not just with jackets but also with other garments like boots with chains, skirts, dresses, gloves… The main colors on the catwalks when it comes to punk influences are black, red and white. There is also an appearance of “aggressive” accessories like chains, black leather shoes, rings in dragon shapes, piercings, tattoos, zips, safety pins, strong make up and pale skin. The main prints representing this trend are also the Scottish print and animal print. Punk was something representing a lifestyle during the 70’s but it has been present in other aspects of live during all these years. We can find Punk influences on art, graphic design, music, movies, and of course fashion. Nowadays Punk is not only representing a fashion style, but a lifestyle too. The situation that society is living in the present with the Global crisis, political corruption and the constant technological changes… What style better than punk can represent such a revolutionary time? As it happened a lot of times in the past, there are always groups of people which don’t agree with the established systems. This disagreement can end up creating a revolution. The designers have to adapt themselves to the current trends also. So, due to this unstable situation they looked at the past and as I said before, they chose the style that represents mostly the feeling that society is living today. So designers, instead of waiting for a revolution, created a revolution by themselves, transporting again the Punk on the most important catwalks of the fashion world. Because as Vivienne Westwood said: “When you explore the past, you enter the future”.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Sex and the City

A trip to Nicaragua

Two summers ago I had the brilliant idea of going to Nicaragua as a volunteer for a NGO. My cousins were going there with another group of people of my age, so I decided that I would join them. I thought it would be the perfect experience to grow up. The truth is that they had a few meetings before going to Nicaragua, to prepare us for going there. I was too lazy to go and I thought I didn’t need that… When we arrived in Nicaragua I felt like my world was falling apart. I still don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop crying. I just wanted to get out of there and come back home. That village was lost in the middle of the mountains, the people living there had nothing apart from a ripped t-shirt, dirty jeans and if they were lucky, a couple of flip-flops. I felt so bad that I didn’t know if I would be able to spend 30 days living in that place. Apart from this big problem at the beginning I had other bad experiences too. One day I was walking to the meeting point to have breakfast with my colleagues. Suddenly while I was sitting on that old bench made of wood, one of my friends told me that I couldn’t move because I had something in my bag but she wouldn’t told me what was it. So I stayed there as straight as I could and I even stopped breathing for a moment. And then, as if it were magic, one of the little girls from the village came to me and saved me from the scorpion that I had hanging from my bag. Another of my worst experiences there was the “toilet moment”. I cannot remember missing the toilet of my house so much in all my life. Actually there wasn’t a toilet. You had to go to a little house made of wood with a hole inside, that was full of insects with a roll of toilet paper lying on the floor. If you were lucky, you could even found there a couple of animals, like frogs. Being in there was the most disgusting situation I’ve ever had in my life. The smell, the light and the dirtiness of that place made me think that one of those days I would die in there. I would also like to talk about another of my moments, the “shower moment”. As it happened with the toilet, the shower didn’t exist. They had four logs holding a black piece of plastic that was supposed to cover those parts of your body that don’t have to be seen (or at least, the ones you are not supposed to show to the people of the world). The rest of the shower was a bucket with water, cold water, of course. Sometimes you could even find mosquitoes floating on the water. So, the funny thing was that while I was feeling like an Amazon girl, taking my shower and feeling the morning wind on my skin, I usually had the two pigs of the family two meters away from me, eating grass and having their breakfast. At the end of that month I felt really proud of myself because I was able to handle all those situations, but I think that I have never packed my bags as fast as I did that day. Even though we did a great job in Nicaragua, I decided that after that, my collaborations with NGO were finished forever. On following years I would do something useful, but I wouldn’t go to the end of the world.

Interviewing Yana Borisova

Isabel Wittmann takes the jungle to the catwalks

Barcelona 26th April 2013 The news conference for the launch of the new collection Spring/Summer 2013 by Isabel Wittmann has been done today. The designer, the two PR agents and the model Ona, have talked about the characteristics of the garments of this collection and the mysterious launch party that will take place tomorrow in Barcelona. Into the Wild is the name of the collection that Isabel Wittmann herself defines as “Exotic and sexy”, she says it’s fun and daring and she also has express, “My emotions are reflected in the collection”. The collection will be launched after the party (Saturday 27th April) and we will be able to find her clothes in her own shops, IW, and in “El Corte Inglés”. Into the Wild targets young trendy women but it’s also adapted for all kinds of public. People will find some garments more trendy and daring, but there will also be classic clothing for mature women. The PR agents that are working exclusively for Isabel Wittmann have said that the party will take place in the W hotel in Barcelona, next to the beach. The event will start at 8 pm and there will be a catwalk where we will see the garments and accessories of Into the Wild worn by Ona, the face of the campaign, and other models that will be showing to the public the rest of the collection. In the guest list there will be actresses like María Valverde, Clara Lago and Blanca Suárez, representing Spanish youth. And, to finalize the party will also count with the presence of singers like Beyoncé and Rihanna. Contact Ona Cots onacots@yahoo.es 45 C/ Verdi Barcelona, Spain Ph: 649155849

Alice in Wonderland

USA, 2010, 109min. Director: Tim Burton Cast: Mia Wasikoska, Johnny Deep, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Matt Lucas, Crispin Glover. Screenplay: Linda Woolverton FANTASY The story of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has been adapted to the screen once again (we have already seen the cartoon version), but this time our characters are flesh and blood. The movie starts with Alice in a party, when suddenly she decides to escape from the real world and follows a white rabbit that she cannot stop looking at. While running after the rabbit she falls down a hole where she discovers a non-sense world with a mad hatter, a cat that disappears, a smoking caterpillar… And thousands of unbelievable things that make her think she is living in a dream. The arrival of Alice to Wonderland makes the strange creatures think that Alice will save them from the Red Queen, who has all the characters frightened with her “OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!” Alice lives in this crazy world hundreds of adventures that at the end of the movie will trigger to a happy and unexpected ending. The 3D effects of the movie combined with the perfect clothing that was specially characterized for the crazy and weird characters of the movie, create an amazing visual effect. Counting on the performances of actors like Jonny Deep and Helena Bonham Carter (the kind of actors that never disappoint the spectators with their roles) helped the public situate themselves in an unreal atmosphere. All these factors have made of the movie a big success.